The Tiny House

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Tiny House

For a new lifestyle
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1929: The first Tiny house invented nothing and was just inspired by Charles Miller, the leading manufacturer of Tiny House in the world. The US built the first version of this house on wheels in 1929 in Ogden, Utah. Despite the lack of plumbing and electricity, we can still appreciate its straight lines and well-thought out porch, its well proportioned door-size and oversized windows! A fine example for travel enthusiasts and of anyone that does not sit still.

All proportions remain intact

A merger between the cabin and the trailer, this micro house meets all the basic principles of architecture. The classic configuration is a two-slope roof, covering a large room with a mezzanine bedroom and, a separate bathroom: everything is there. There are obviously more modern versions. It is it’s large windows that provides the feeling of open space and gives this structure a comfortable feel.

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Optimization of every inch

These tiny houses are normally mounted on wheels. Somewhat associated with the traditional trailer home, they do not require a building permit. The movement around this small habitat has really started worldwide as it meets current urban planning concerns; space reduction needs, ecological durability of housing, and yet, remains extremely affordable. It is a lifestyle choice towards greater simplicity in order to grant more time for the meaningful things in life such as: self and others


When the typical becomes atypical

      • Width : 2.55 meters  /  Height : 4.00 meters
      • Living area : 15 m²  /  Weight : 3.20 tons
      • Trailer : Double axle – Automatic reverse
      • Frame : Douglas Pine 45/95
      • Integrated Systems : Power & Water  
      • Isolation : Wood fiber: floor, walls and roof 
      • Cladding : Douglas  /  Cover : Steel or wood shingles
      • Installed items : Worktop, sink, shower, water heater, gas hob, lighting, mezzanine, furniture and plenty of storage. 
      • Optional :Solar Generator & portable wood stove
      • Driving license necessary : BE
      • Building Permit Needed : None
      • Price (HT) : 33 600 €

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To discover the Great Outdoors

The Tiny House allows you to go anywhere with the mobility of the trailer that supports it. Mounted on its 4 wheels, it allows its occupants to discover the world all while, giving you the freedom of placing your home anywhere you see fit during your travels. To simply go on vacation, relax and reconnect with nature, renew your couple, create memories with family or friends, Tiny House is the perfect companion.

An ideal refuge

Nestled at the bottom of one’s garden for a teenager studio or guest bedroom, the Tiny House meets all needs and all tastes. Perched on top of a mountain, it will be the ideal refuge for holidays during winter sports or, even better, a hidden in a forest, like a den for a well deserved rest. All if this because-with the Tiny House, not all roads will lead you to Rome …

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Intelligent use of your budget selects only the best quality materials, equipment and innovative and efficient building techniques.

Living small, simply Living is concerned about the quality of the equipment that will make up your Tiny House. Without the need of cumbersome building permits, however, it has everything needed to live comfortably in everyday life: a spacious living room, which may even contain a small lounge, a kitchen area, a fully-functional bathroom, as well as a mezzanine designed to support a double bed

Small is great

This small space arranged, just like a big one, can accommodate up to 6 people allowing you to share unusual and convivial moments, all reflecting upon your own life style. Robust, efficient and durable, the Tiny House has a water supply and a power supply available in 3 options:  generator with solar equipment from or through a simple electrical connection…

We thank the main actors of the Tiny House movement, especially Tiny House Europe – Partner of – for their support and photographic resources and Tiny House France, providing website relay information about the Tiny House movement in France and are honored to be referred by them.

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