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To grow with great ease.

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Create a small area of freedom! offers to install or help you set up in partnership with a team of architects and technicians, a modular and ecological structure in order to create your own space of freedom, leisure, comfort, for a new lifestyle or work. Nano-habitat pioneered contemporary garden studios and offices, with their design, quality and eco-friendly construction. Far from the traditional chalets and wooden shelters, finally there is a real solution to easily expand your home, and enjoy the new abilities to give value to your land.

& You, what is your project?

A desk, a garden, a gym, a cinema room, or a studio for friends, family … Standard or customized, the Nano-habitat meet all of your needs and your desires. Unleash your imagination and create your own comfortable and natural spaces. If your idea is unique and you can not find the solution to your project on this page, or if you have any doubt about its feasibility, we like challenges so contact us!

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Why choose our NANOHABITAT develops your Ecospecies with certain ethics and respect to its commitment to you and the environment.

Innovative construction techniques

Our studios are designed to last a lifetime. We use structural insulated panel systems (SPSI) for structural performance and exceptional insulation. The necessary foundations remain light. In other words, you do not need to return your entire garden to enjoy an extra home or office space.

Up to 20 m² without a building permit

If the footprint of the studio does not exceed 20 square meters, you do not need planning permissions. Everything then depends on the size of your Nano-habitat. In general, a simple prior declaration in town hall will be sufficient. It is possible to go beyond 20 m² but, a building permit then must be obtained from your local council. Of course, we assist you in these efforts no extra cost.

A good investment

A Nano-habitat studio costs less than an extension (not to speak of a move) and increases the value of your property by its usefulness, design, equipment and comfort. Its price is fixed, so there will be no surprises during construction or supplements often typical in traditional construction …


A total respect for the environment

The environment is at the heart of our concerns: the wood used comes from sustainably managed forests. The roof can be planted with sedum, increasing the isolation of the construction. The flooring is ecologically certified and uses natural rubber. And of course, work at home significantly reduced its carbon footprint by eliminating the daily commuting.

A complete installation in 5 days

And yes, only 5 days on average, it’s the time to predict before you can fully enjoy your Nano-habitat. In general, much less disruption, unlike a site expansion or classic design. For the initiation of the work, your Nano-habitat studio will usually installed 12 weeks after the order.

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Intelligent use of your money selects materials, equipment and techniques of innovative and efficient building practices to maximize the potential of your installation and enjoyment, without costing an arm and a leg for a prestigious addition to your lifestyle or company.

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Red cedar siding

Our multi-layer walls are made of environmentally PSI panels and dressed with naturally resistant red cedar. It fully meets the criteria of our sustainable approach and may remain for many years without treatment due to its natural oils. One of the most valuable features of cedar is its legendary resistance to wear: it can reach a lifetime of over 90 years …

Planted roof offers the option of a vegetated roof based on sedum. These plants growing with very little maintenance, do not just reduce the visual impact, they increase the roof life, improve insulation and, also to give back to nature a part of the area occupied by your construction. And no, it will not be necessary to mow …

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High performance glazed windows

We use Scandinavian windows with high-performance laminated pine, for additional strength and a substantial thickness of 145 mm. This double glazed window has been designed for extremely low temperatures in Scandinavia and has a high resistance to heat loss. Burglar alarm systems approved by insurance are also prescribed …

Adapted heating

From a heating standpoint, the Nano-habitat doesn’t much given their high level of insulation. Of course, we provide a heating systems (electric underfloor low energy consumption, with a digital control system so that you can program your heating as desired) or, you can also opt to place a heat pump or one of our wood stoves.

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