The Domes

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The domes

Perfect structures , durable & comfortable.

Zen and futuristic spaces.

The dome, this perfect structure in nature, offers a unique and functional space, suitable for all uses. We combine the sacred geometry of R. Buckminster Fuller and cover materials specially designed to transport you to into a Zen and futuristic universe. Our domes use natural light to illuminate their insides, creating a unique atmosphere within nature all while maintaining modern comforts.


Stable & durable.

Adapted to winter weather just as the heat of high summer, more and more people choose to live comfortably in our domes, or even to create: events, lounges, restaurants, weddings, festivals, etc… or their growing areas . Its robust, steel structure allows them to withstand heavy snow loads and hurricanes. Available in different sizes and weatherproof, our sustainable covers include windows, doors and exits for wood stoves and the like.


• Easy to install and transportable
• Many windows and openings for natural lighting
• Numerous vents to ventilate the dome in summer
• Stable in the case of earthquakes
• A variety of ecological insulation layers are available
• Energy efficiency ensured
• Adaptation for wood or pellet stove heating
• Completely waterproof


Living space , guest room , workshop, gym, marriage, pool, festival , eco - village, living room ...

Durable covers

Our covers are manufactured using durable, water resistant, mildew and fire-retardant material. The walls of translucent domes allow heating and natural lighting of the dome. The life expectancy of our domes is up to 20 years. We also have several types of solutions suitable for your climate or projects — do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


Geodesic Structure

The geodesic dome structure is made of galvanized steel tubes. It is resistant to most of winds. Our resistance calculation program will determine the diameter of tubing needed to withstand your average snow loads, high winds and other climatic conditions of your environment. Air chairs and hammocks can be hung to the structure without any problems.

Personalization and lacquering

The structure of the dome can be delivered painted in practically any colors you want. Many colors are already available, but full customization is possible, depending on your needs and desires. The painting/lacquering deteriorates very little (if at all) with time.


Our option « sunroof » is a transparent, vinyl UV resistant window, allowing (thanks to its fastening zipper), the easy replacement of the opaque original roof of a dome of any size. To make a bio-dome (culture space) and create an effect « greenhouse », the sunroof is a necessary element as, it will also be perfect to give a charm and an extra sense of freedom in your living place or event.

Doors & Windows

Our standard drawbar textile doors can be opened and closed from inside and outside. Round doors are also available in the event of connecting tunnels linking several domes together. Our windows, in turn, are made of extremely durable clear marine-grade vinyl. Each dome has a wide picture window and porthole windows 60 cm in diameter, with replaceable option mosquito nets.


Due to its innovative insulating blanket.

Insulating Blanket

Our insulation blankets are made of an insulating layer of « Reflectix » wrapped between two layers of lightweight fabric. This cover has perforated openings same as those of the main cover. It is also possible to paint this blanket in acrylic to personalize the decoration of your dome. Our insulation options are a complete blanket or, for more temperate climates, it is possible to buy only an insulating cover for the roof.

Wood Stoves

Optional, conduit and a roof fixtures, can be installed without problems, to accommodate, your wood stove from Comfortable temperatures will be maintained inside the dome, even in the heart of winter. One of the upper window panes is used for the installation of the fireplace. Coupled with a Thermoshield paint, your stove will bring an assured comfort to your dome, under all conditions ..

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A question, a quote?


Studio, guest house, holiday home, house …

Create a Home Dôme

Our domes are a perfect blend of comfort and elegance. They allow people to reconnect with nature through their openings to nature, and establish an intimate connection with it. The large panoramic roof will allow magnificent views of the outdoor beauty, all while involving a geodesic unusual robust design coupled with green technology to preserve our environment. With our installable kits, you can easily set up your new home dome Dome … your Home!

The only limit is your imagination

The dome structure is self-supporting and requires no internal support. Various customizable interiors and loft spaces are available. A surprising headroom further increases the range of possibilities. The only limit is your imagination … With the dome, we provide floor plans for a perfectly fit installation. Some of our customers install a concrete foundation equipped with an integrated floor heating system for comfort. Bathrooms can be installed just like a kitchen or air conditioning …


Festivals , concerts, shows, exhibitions , weddings ...

In a unique environment

The event domes offer a beautiful interior clear and devoid of any support post. An amazing and original structure, the dome will offer you a unique environment regardless of your purpose. Because of its geodesic design, this structure is extremely strong and can carry your sound and light installations, as well as your artistic and advertising media Our teams will work with your interior architects, lighting/sound engineers to create the best possible means to convey your message. The possibilities are endless once again …


Personalization and communication

Because of its high visibility, the exterior of the dome is a place of choice for printing your logos and branding materials. We use a dyeing process to transfer high-resolution images directly upon the textile. This process allows the creation of unique covers bearing the artistic achievements, graphics, logos and brands of our clients. Because the domes attract attention whatever the angle of view, the printed cover is a unique and extremely effective way to convey your advertising message directly in front of the consumer.


The new generation greenhouses

Self-Sustaining Ecosystem

We are also working on the future of life on Earth with the Biodome in which all aspects of daily life have been carefully thought out to create a self-sustaining ecosystem that takes care of you and your family in harmony with nature, but also the nature itself … We do not currently provide botanical systems, hydroponics, aquaponics, or vermaculture systems or beekeeping, but we can provide the perfect shelter to install and develop these activities …

The new generation greenhouses

Biodomes were used as mere structures to keep tropical plants warm during the winter. Later, they were and still are used to extend the growing seasons. Biodomes do this and can do things that no other greenhouse can do. The geodesic structure is self-insulating, and amplifies the lighting in winter. The choice of the 21st century is easy for all industry professionals and aspiring farmers!