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icone tiny house mapetitemaison glamping france

Tiny House

A small mobile home comfort & fusion between cabin and caravan.

icone cosy cocoon mapetitemaison glamping france 2

Cocoon Tree

A cozy nest perched high in the trees fora true unique Glamping Experience.

icone eco et solar dome mapetitemaison glamping france


A new way to live and experience the great outdoors.

icone ecospace mapetitemaison glamping france


A home or garden extension of one’s personality and needs, without a building permit hassle.

icone tente mapetitemaison glamping france


A tent in the air or on the ground to best seek out your own adventure.

icone poele nomade mapetitemaison glamping france

Nomad wood stoves

Transportable wood stoves for heating or cooking purposes.

icone equipement outdoor mapetitemaison glamping france

Outdoor Equipment

Nomadic coffee machines, sleeping bags and inflatable furniture, etc …

icone solar energy portable mapetitemaison glamping france

Solar Equipment

Solar energy to keep you connected to modern-day conveniences

icone tiny house mapetitemaison glamping france

The Tiny House, a new lifestyle

Nomad, on wheels, available in kit or delivered turnkey, the Tiny House lets you enjoy everything you need to live ... traveling. Thinking ecologically sustainable and does not require a building permit, the Tiny ' as it is nicknamed , is a revolution in the field of unusual housing in Europe
Tiny house sur la route

A house on wheels

To move where and when you want, without constraint.

Tiny house interieur 2 by mapetitemaison

Small but spacious

This micro- house respects the basic principles of architecture .

Tiny house interieur by mapetitemaison

Completely Equipped

Includes a large living room , bedroom & a bathroom .

Tiny house keys by mapetitemaison

Ready to function

You can build it yourself or get in installed by professionals.

Mapetitemaison sur france 3 languedoc roussillon On French TV

On the occasion of the Fair of Montpellier 2014, Loick Boulmot creator of Tiny Houses offered on , reveals the little house on wheels that has aroused the curiosity of visitors and the media.

icone cosy cocoon mapetitemaison glamping france 2

When floating in the trees takes new meaning...

Suspended in the air and the trees , escape , relax , away from predators and everyday worries. The Cocoon Tree in charm you with its bed of 2.15 meters in diameter and all very comfortable.
Cocoon tree night by mapetitemaison

Cocoon Tree Bed

For a couple or family to sleep in maximum comfort.

Intérieur cocoon tree bed by mapetitemaison

Light and resitant

Covered with a ultra- resistant cover for an empty weight of 60 kg.

Cocoon tree beach by mapetitemaison

Cocoon Tree Beach

For a tranquil beach nap in ultimate comfort. 

Cocoon tree beach 2 by mapetitemaison

Comfort & innovative

 Equipped with 2 sunbathing mattresses and covered by plant braiding.

Mapetitemaison sur TV Sud

Mapetitemaison again on French TV.

Again, on the occasion of the Fair of Montpellier 2014, Loick Boulmot – manager and exclusive distributor of the famous France Cocoon Tree – presents this immaculate and comfortable cocoon hanging in the trees, with TV South.

icone eco et solar dome mapetitemaison glamping france

Domes : combinable and out-of-the-ordinary structures offers its domes , an effective and innovative solution to create a source of warm life , culture spaces or to receive your guests at your events in the most unexpected manner .
Dome-technique MPMC 2


Geodesic domes in various sizes and customizable combinations.

Dome-technique MPMC4

A Lifestyle

Comfort and elegance for an out of the ordinary room or studio .

Dome-technique MPMC7

Domes for events

For product launches, corporate events and festivals.

Dome-technique MPMC6


The new state of the art greenhouse for your vegetable or botanical gardens.

icone ecospace mapetitemaison glamping france 

The NanoHabitat , small but ultra-efficient spaces

A useful , ecological architecture developed by and its partners. But why? We have already thought of a garden , office, sauna, cinema space, a mini- gym or studio for friends ... But maybe will you have other ideas!
Ecospace by mapetitemaison

An innovative design

To enhance your garden with a private office or a relaxation area.

Interieur ecospace 2 by mapetitemaison

Without a building permit

A NanoHabitat can be between 20 and 40 m² – easy in development regulations

Ecospace salon de jardin by mapetitemaison


With the latest and best insulation, LED lighting & solar panels.

intérieur ecospace by mapetitemaison

Kits ready to order

Existing plans ready to order or, call upon us to create your own creation.

icone tente mapetitemaison glamping france

New ways to sleep in the wild... tempted ? offers our tents specially selected for you, for new experiences. From the classic Canvas tent for a family vacation, those for a trek around the world, or even, those suspended in the trees.
Tente suspendue Lawson Hammock by mapetitemaison

Hammoc tent

The one place, suspended tent to camp in the open and up in the air.

Tente suspendue Connect Tentsile by mapetitemaison

Suspended Tents

Our range of comfortable and connectable suspendable tents.

Tente Canvas camp by mapetitemaison

Canvas Tents 

100 % cotton tents, ideal for a family trip or trek.

icone poele nomade mapetitemaison glamping france

Rekindle the flame with our nomadic stoves

Of all sizes and colors , with assured quality and safety, our nomadic stoves allow you to warm up and cook in all types of situations.
poele nomade horizon by mapetitemaison

The Rocket Stove 

Multi-fuel stove for high efficiency cooking without smoke !

poele nomade frontier stove by mapetitemaison

Nomad wood stove

A portable wood store for cooking and heating.

poele nomade stove red traveller by mapetitemaison

The Traveller wood stove

A stove for use in your tents, yurts , vans or small houses.

caisse de transport anevay by mapetitemaison

Transport Kit

Easily taken apart and placed in a pack. The ultimate in transportability.

icone equipement outdoor mapetitemaison glamping france

Lightweight equipment for maximum comfort discovers and shares with you day after day mobile, high-end, light, and comfort granted equipment for all of your outdoor experiences from : mobile coffee machines , new generation sleeping bags, to inflatable furniture .
machine a café portable by mapetitemaison


Your portable coffee machine for a hike or drive .

mobilier gonflable by mapetitemaison

Air-filled furniture

Discover our easy to clean, store and comfortable Chesterfield sofas.

sac de couchage musuc bag by mapetitemaison

Musuc’ Bag

New sleeping bags that allow your arms and legs to be warm & free !

machine a café rok coffee by mapetitemaison

Rok Coffee

A robust machine for an authentic « homemade » coffee  .

icone solar energy portable mapetitemaison glamping france

The sun as the ultimate excursion partner offers its portable solar kits to experience the wild without leaving behind the comforts of modern day life ( camera, smartphone, tablets, music or even lighting).
Image a la une Kit Sherpa 50 advent by mapetitemaison

Solar Kits

Keep talking , emailing , surfing … in motion.

Image a la une Nomad 7 goal zero by mapetitemaison

Solar panels

Lightweight and mobile solar panels to stay connected.

Image a la une Yeti 150 Gol zero advent by mapetitemaison

Batteries & generators

Portable power where and when you need power .

image a la une lanterne light a life by mapetitemaison

Lighting and accessories

For excursions in the great outdoors with lights and music.

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icone boutique en ligne responsive mapetitemaison -

Online store

Our online store offers the best of Glamping hardware and kits to build your own true outdoor experience with modern luxuries .

icone entreprise sociale et responsable mapetitemaison -

A fair & responsible business ethic

To place man in harmony with nature… and vice versa. That is our first ambition.

icone professionnel et particulier mapetitemaison -

For professionals & individuals

For vacation lovers or providers seeking the ultimate comfort in nature or for the experienced nomad in his quest for the best.

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